Ransomware and Beyond: The guide to alleviate ransomware panic

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1. What is ransomware?

Ransomware is one of the top cybersecurity threats, and it has gained enough ubiquity and power in recent years that defending against it is now a major security consideration for most corporations, and even government bodies.

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2. Ransomware origins

As with most threats, it's helpful to learn more about where ransomware came from in order to understand how it affects the world today. We've covered the basics of what ransomware is in our first article, and in this one, we'll cover its origins (as well as how it's evolved over time).

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3. Ransomware impacts on the world around us – top ransomware attacks

Ransomware is an ever-changing threat, and its impacts have grown both in seriousness and scale over the last few years.

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4. The Top 7 Ways Ransomware Enters Networks

Anyone with an eye on cybersecurity these days knows that there's never just one thing to worry about.

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5. Types of Ransomware: What to Look Out For in 2021 and Beyond

We've covered a lot of ground so far in this series, from what ransomware is, to how it works and enters networks, to how it's evolved over the years to become the threat it is today.

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6. Ransomware Prevention: What You Need to Know

Now we're going to start talking about it from more of a tactical perspective— that is, what can you do to prevent a ransomware attack?

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7. The Ultimate Ransomware Question: to Pay or Not to Pay the Ransom?

It may not be an age-old question, but it's an important one nonetheless: if you're targeted by a ransomware attack, should you pay up?

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8. Ransomware Recovery: What to do if you've been targeted by a ransomware attack

The sad truth is that even the most stringent prevention measures sometimes aren't enough to keep a ransomware attack from occurring. Once it happens, the best you can do is try to minimize damage and get to work restoring things as best you can.

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9. How to run a ransomware security simulation

In the effort to protect your organization from ransomware, which is more important: prevention or preparedness?

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10. How to interrupt the ransomware threat cycle with Zix

The best way to defend yourself against a ransomware attack is to be ready for it.

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Zix | AppRiver helps prevent ransomware with security teams and solutions, including email threat protection, 24/7 threat analysis, and a Microsoft 365 security audit to detect and remediate potential vulnerabilities. Zix | AppRiver also helps businesses get proactive with their resilience strategies by offering Cloud-to-Cloud Backup – so they have access to a clean copy of their data and point-in-time recovery capabilities in the event of a ransomware attack. The best part is that all of these solutions are part of a single platform to help better manage business communications security and resilience from one place.

We hope this guide will help you and your teams securely confront ransomware so they're prepared (not scared) of ransomware. If you'd like to speak with a security expert and have a conversation about how to keep your company safe from growing threats, contact Zix | AppRiver today.

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